NYU to Dispel Liberal Energy Myths

It was a passionate discussion on the streets of New York City near New York University’s campus grounds. The issue on everyone’s minds was fracking, and energy use more broadly.

“I’m pumped to start challenging students’ conceptions on energy,” senior Ryan Whiting said. “It was great meeting up and discussing a strategy for that, because I think it will make a huge impact here in the city.”

Collegians at NYU are planning on hosting a speaker and engaging their peers on misconceptions when it comes to fracking, fossil fuels, and renewable energy. Rumors like flaming faucets and water contamination being caused by fracking are just false, and students are ready to challenge those beliefs.

NYU Group“Using all energy is important in helping low and middle income Americans make ends meet,” added student Kelsey Trumbach. “I learned so much in just discussing these issues here tonight with everyone, I can’t wait for how much more we will all learn when we bring in experts on the issues of fracking and energy use.”

Collegians recognized that solar and wind can’t power the country right now, and using government subsidies to encourage their use is limiting the innovation of entrepreneurs in finding the technologies that would allow the more extensive use of such renewables. Fracking is banned in New York State, and New York City is home to some of the most extreme and radical environmentalists. Students at NYU have their work cut out for them, but that showed no sign of slowing them down.

“I’m excited. Let’s do this,” concluded Ryan.

The initiative is a part of CFACT’s Frack U Campaign, which aims to educate students on the safety of fracking, and its potential to provide affordable energy for everyone.