New “Eco Video Game” Teaches Kids to Control Others

Eco GameAs if being taught a one-sided view in science class from K-12 wasn’t enough, now kids have the opportunity to put their newly learned radical environmentalism into practice in a video game.

The “Eco-Global Survival Game,” produced by Strange Loop Games,  allows players to build a new world and economy, but not without every action you take having some impact on the ecosystem. 

The creepiest part? One feature of “Eco” is having to coordinate with players in a government in order to control the actions of others, so as to minimize the impact on the environment.

Strange Loop Games’ own description from their Facebook page describes it best: “You’re sharing the world of Eco with more than just other players, but a fully simulated ecosystem of plants and animals. Not only will you need to make responsible use of these resources, but you’ll need to participate in the player-run government to ensure your fellow citizens do as well.” (Bold, underline added).

sunriseNow to be honest, a small part of me actually wants to play this game, if only to overthrow the oppressive government trying to control what’s best for me and my family.

The video game underscores a serious misconception in American politics and culture, however. This is the notion that we are going to run out of resources-and fast-unless we switch to fully renewable sources of power immediately while limiting freedom. What this ignores is that as technology increases and the free market is allowed to innovate, new resources are being discovered, new ways to use them are being found, and ways to extend their longevity are unearthed as well. Centuries ago farmers cursed the black, useless sludge that would ruin their crops and farmland. This “useless” material eventually was discovered to be the most valuable resource on the planet: oil. What new resources will we discover tomorrow?

Not to mention the fact that so called “renewables” kill thousands of birds, reptiles and whales every year, rely on traditional fossil fuels to work, and require hazardous metals to be assembled in the first place. If we truly want “renewable” energy, let entrepreneurs compete with each other in advancing the technology so that it is safer and more reliable. Throwing massive government subsidies at the industry just encourages companies to have better lobbyists, not better products.

I wonder if there is a corrupt green subsidies arm to this “player-run government” in Eco?

According to Strange Loop Games’ website, Eco has won a grant from the Obama administration’s Department of Education. 

Surprise, surprise.