MN Rep. Tom Emmer quotes CFACT Fellow in energy press release

CFACT Driessen Fellow Dylan Saue was quoted in a press release by Minnesota Representative Tom Emmer on issues relating to important energy matters for the nation. Specifically, the statement regarded H.R. 1, a piece of legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives that aims to boost American energy independence.

CFACT Fellow Dylan Saue praised the passage of the bill, citing the free market principles CFACT supports. His comment can be read in full here:

“H.R. 1 is a step in the right direction for American energy independence. President Biden and his administration have discouraged and ridiculed American energy production from day one. H.R. 1 will allow decade-long projects to start finally, allowing American energy producers to mine minerals such as copper, cobalt, and nickel. Instead of having us import those materials from foreign nations, we will have them in our backyard. Restoring American energy leadership will lower costs for all Americans while putting good, high-paying jobs back on the market,” said Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT)-University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Campus Vice President Dylan Saue.

The press release can be read in its entirety here.

Rep. Tom Emmer serves Minnesota’s 6th District and is serving his fifth term, having been initially sworn into office in 2015. According to Rep. Emmer’s website, “After serving as the Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee for the 116th Congress and again for the 117th Congress, Tom was elected by his fellow Republican colleagues to be the House Majority Whip. Currently, he sits on the House Financial Services Committee.”

CFACT is proud that its students are called upon by our nation’s leaders to lend their thoughts on the important issues of the day. Dylan is sure to make an impact for freedom and liberty in the future, and CFACT is happy to be relied on as a source of knowledge on these matters!