Independence Day

On the issues of climate change, private property rights, and GMO foods, the same themes that rang true in 1776 ring true today. Our forefathers rebelled from Great Britain mainly because of the term: “no taxation without representation!” What does that mean? It means people were tired of paying more money to a government that they had zero voice in. If the colonists were going to be taxed, they wanted to have a chance to speak out and vote against such actions in parliament.

When the EPA puts regulations in place to limit emissions, restrict the way citizens can use property, or reject applications for the study of GMO’s, it is costing Americans money. Whether it be through increased energy prices, the devaluation of land, or the high cost of traditional farming practices, it is hurting Americans in the wallet and limiting freedom.

And just like in 1776, the people are not being appropriately represented in the application of these measures. The bureaucracy behemoth that is the EPA is making regulations with little light shed on their development and little feedback from Congress. The EPA is acting as its own King George. When will the next Stamp Act or Tea Act be passed by the regulatory monarchy?

It is time for Americans to embrace their roots and call for an end to unnecessary and burdensome regulations. If your forefathers were that upset about a simple tax on tea, why not be upset about rules that will drastically increase the cost of energy and destroy jobs? We the people, at the very least, deserve more of a voice on deciding whether such policies should be put in place. A bureaucrat should not have that power alone with no accountability to the American people.