Importing Power

An interesting thing is happening in Vermont right now. In an effort to reduce their pollution and protect their environment the state of Vermont has taken drastic action when it comes to their energy sector. This new drastic action has greatly reduced local pollution and has helped the state great percentage of renewable energy produced in the state (especially compared with non-renewable sources).

What is this drastic action? It is actually fairly simple. They have decided to import their energy from somewhere else. Since the power, and the pollution that goes along with it, isn’t being generated in their state they don’t have to worry about it. It is the ultimate in sweeping a problem under the rug.

Power still has to be generated somewhere, and if it isn’t being generated in your back yard it is being generated in someone else’s back yard. This also is not a long term solution because eventually the capacity of other states won’t be able to meet demand.

There is also the impact on local economy. Instead of locals benefiting from energy sector jobs, those jobs have been outsourced to whoever is generating the power. While the environment maybe slightly better off, especially with new technologies that are making energy production ever cleaner, the people of Vermont have lost out on potential jobs.