Hypocrisy at U of Maryland: Students say no on Fracking, then escape cold in gas heated buildings

You can’t have it both ways. 

You either stay warm by drilling for gas and oil, or ban drilling and go cold. 

IMG_2401“It was incredibly ironic to have students shivering in the cold tell me they were opposed to fracking, then shuffle inside their natural gas heated dorms and classrooms to escape the low temperatures,” CFACT’s National Field Coordinator Adam Houser said. “Where do they think that heat comes from?”

Maryland is under a hydraulic fracking ban for 2.5 years. CFACT thought this as the perfect opportunity to figure out what students at the University of Maryland in College Park thought about the practice, so they performed a fracking survey. IMG_2381

Braving the brutal winds and frigid temperatures of February, CFACT activists asked UMD students walking through the cold to class what they thought about the process used to unlock pockets of natural gas.

Here are the results of the survey:

44.6% of students said they did not support fracking.
38.6% said they were not sure.
16.8% were in support of fracking.

IMG_2389“When you add the results of those in support and those not sure, it outnumbers the students who were against,” Houser added, who helped out with the efforts. “When I explained what fracking was to those students who hadn’t heard of it, almost all of them came out in support. If we can get the word out and cut through the fear and lies of radical environmentalists, you’ll see a big difference.”

Green activists love to point out crazy examples like flaming faucets as evidence that fracking is a danger to drinking water and needs to be banned. But these scare tactics ignore the fact that the left’s own radical EPA already declared fracking poses no risk to drinking water in June of 2015! Read about that here.

The survey was an initiative of CFACT’s FRACK U Campaign, which aims to bring awareness to the safety of fracking and its ability to provide reliable energy for millions.