Hartford students learn about the perils of the Green New Deal

Students at the University of Hartford, CT, learned how the Green New Deal would devastate America’s environment and economy through informative CFACT fact sheets this fall!

Kevin Schaeffer hands out flyers to his dorm-mates on campus.

Kevin Schaeffer, a CFACT Driessen Fellow and Hartford student, handed out climate and Green New Deal fact sheets to his fellow students, friends, and dorm-mates so that they can better understand these important subjects.

“With the uncertainty in our nation right now, it is more important than ever that students understand the facts about the Green New Deal,” Schaeffer said. “I was happy to hand these fact sheets out so that my peers can realize that a big-government, socialist approach to climate, environment, and energy is the worst possible thing we could do.”

CFACT’s fact sheets are making waves around the country. CFACT activists delivered them to county Republican organizations across the nation so that they could be distributed at polling places on and before Election Day. Students are using them to make a difference on their campus.

Here’s a few examples of what is included on these flyers: “To run the entire nation on wind and solar, like the Green New Deal (GND) calls for, hundreds of thousands of square miles of habitat and wilderness would be destroyed to make way for the solar facilities, wind turbines, and transmission lines.”

“For the huge cost of the GND, the American Enterprise Institute found that it would only (theoretically) reduce the global increase in temperature by ‘0.083 to 0.173 degrees,’ a number, the report says, that is ‘barely distinguishable from zero.'” 

Those are just a few of the excellent points made in these fact sheets that cut straight through Leftist narratives.

“They’ve sparked some great conversation. I’m excited to do even more,” Schaeffer added.

To view the fact sheets for yourself, click here.