Gov. Bobby Jindal talks energy independence with UMN Twin Cities!

Former Governor and presidential candidate Bobby Jindal of Louisiana spoke to a packed house at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Jindal advocated for the deregulation of the energy sector and the continued fight against laws aiming to destroy fossil fuels because of so-called man made global warming.

“When it comes to the science behind energy policy, I am not a scientist and I will leave that up to the experts. But from a public policy standpoint it makes absolutely no sense to cripple our economy if we hope to strengthen innovation in this field.”

The Governor argued that by putting burdensome regulations on the entrepreneurs and innovators, we are destroying any chance we have of finding new technology that can make our energy use more efficient. The statistics back Jindal up.

The left argues for outlawing the practice of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” and for billions in subsidies to be handed out to renewable energy companies. What this ignores is science. The EPA has reported that emissions from fracking wells for natural gas have declined 79% since 2005, thanks to technological innovation. According to the University of Texas Energy Institute, the batteries requires for “renewable” energy do actually more harm than good for the environment. Researchers found that households that used battery storage consumed between 8 percent and 14 percent more electricity than homes that didn’t use such batteries.

So while fracking and natural gas make our air cleaner than its ever been, renewables are having a worse impact on the environment than ever thought. Right along with Governor Jindal’s points at his speech, it makes no sense to strangle fossil fuels with regulations and bans, and to prop up inefficient and dirty “renewables” with tax payer money.

Students in attendance agreed. “It was great bringing a nationally known speaker like this to advocate for more freedom in our energy,” said student Madison Faupel. “It’s one thing when our friends hear us saying we shouldn’t have the government be picking winners and losers on faulty science, but I think we’ve opened a lot of minds here by having a former Governor and presidential candidate advocate for that position.”

The speech was in conjunction with CFACT’s Keep Calm Climate Changes and Frack U Campaigns, which aim to educate students on the real science behind global warming, climate change, and fracking.