George Mason student podcast discusses Green New Deal, CFACT

George Mason University senior, Moises Davidson (left), poses in the recording studio with CFACT Director of Collegians Adam Houser (right).

By Adam Houser

According to a recent study by Axios, “America’s youngest voters are more worried about climate change, more supportive of big government and more likely to identify as Democrats than older generations.”

It makes CFACT’s work on college campuses all the more important.

That’s why I enthusiastically agreed to join George Mason University student Moises Davidson on a podcast project he was working on for his senior year class, Multimedia Journalism. George Mason is located in Fairfax, Virginia, not too far away from Washington DC.

We discussed the Green New Deal, climate change, American politics and CFACT’s work in reaching the upcoming generation on these issues.

“I was really glad Adam was able to join me on the podcast for my project,” Moises said. “My professor played about 10 minutes of our conversation to the entire class, so all the students were exposed to a more conservative viewpoint on things like climate change.”

Mason student David Bucarey recruits students on campus with CFACT’s free market message earlier this school year.

Many students hear nothing but a pro-big government, leftist stance on the issues. I give the professor a lot of credit for being willing to play the conversation for the class to hear.

When it came to the Green New Deal, I laid it out simply. How can a plan that supposedly cares about CO2 emissions specifically exclude nuclear from its energy plan? Nuclear is reliable, safe, and gives off no CO2 emissions. It’s hypocrisy at its finest to not include it in such a plan.

Of course, many scientists, such as Dr. Craig Idso, Dr. William Happer, and Dr. Richard Lindzen identify CO2 as plant food and the source of all life on Earth, and isn’t the pollutant that the Left makes it out to be.

CFACT will continue to jump at any and every opportunity to make an impact in students’ viewpoints and to foster debate and free speech. Way to go Moises for having the courage to pursue such a project and expose his classmates to the truth!