Gabriella Hoffman Returns to GMU

The campus of George Mason University, a public research university consisting of nearly 40,000 students in Fairfax County Virginia and one of the leading sources of Austrian Theory economics professors in the country. was abuzz leading up to the return of CFACT’s very own Gabriella Hoffman.

Gabriella had last spoken to a rowdy GMU crowd a year ago and with such a great turnout this was inevitably a school she would return to. Gabriella’s reappearance was to demonstrate to the student body how conservation is conservative. A combined audience of the campus’ CFACT club, lead by Dreissen Fellow Sammy Yang, and Turning Point USA ensured that the room was full.

Gabriella said about the event, “I was thrilled to return to GMU and give an update on the status of conservation in America. The students were very receptive to my message and conveyed to me their eagerness to go into the field. They even expressed interest in having me back a third time this year!”

Gabriella truly does have a unique ability t0 convey the CFACT message in an effective way. We look forward to sponsoring more campus trips for her in the future as we build on these successes in our battle.

Sammy Yang taking a photo with Gabriella Hoffman