Fall Recruitment Kickoff at PHC!

CFACT’s fall recruitment drive started with a bang at Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia this past week! Dozens of students were energized by CFACT’s message of fighting radical environmentalism while being a good steward of the Earth.

Freshman Victoria Pearson signs up to join the CFACT club on campus

Patrick Henry is a perfect place for spawning passionate activists to fight the radical green agenda. Founded in 2000, Patrick Henry’s slogan is “For Christ and Liberty.” Students were eager to join a club that prioritizes stewarding the Earth, while protecting our precious liberties from leftists and global warming alarmists.

“I’m really encouraged by how many students were able to sign up,” said CFACT club president Abigail Olinski. “They’re going to be a great addition to our growing chapter to really make an impact on these issues.”

A PHC student adds his name to those interested in fighting against radical environmentalism

“This was a great way to kickoff our fall semester,” said Adam Houser, National Director Collegians for CFACT. “I was in attendance at this recruitment fair, and a lot of students were cracking up at our signs and message of ‘watermelons’; about those who are green on the outside but commie-red on the inside. This club is going to accomplish some great things with these new members.”

Last year, CFACT Executive Director Craig Rucker spoke to a crowd of PHC students about free market environmentalism and the disturbing history of radical environmentalists. The event stirred up a lot of interest in CFACT for the future, and the club at PHC is looking forward to hosting more impactful events like this as the semester continues.