Deroy Murdock at NYU: ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green!’

World leaders gather in Paris this week for the global climate change conference, otherwise known as COP21. Collegians at New York University in New York City considered this to be a prime opportunity to host Deroy Murdock to debunk the so called wisdom of the left’s global warming narrative and green initiatives.

NYU Deroy Merdock 3Deroy Murdock, Fox News contributor and columnist, took aim at the renewable energies that green advocates call for on massive scales. He also called into question many of the global warming claims that are the basis for the Paris climate talks.

“This was a side of things that many of us at NYU have never heard before,” student Ryan Whiting said. “In New York City you rarely have anyone challenging the green narrative. I really have started to question whether a lot of the big government environmental programs are actually effective.” NYU Deroy Merdock 4

Murdock brought attention to the massive amounts of bald eagles and bats killed by wind turbines, as well as the habitats that are destroyed by extensive solar power grids in deserts.

As world leaders try to say that things have never been worse on global warming, Murdock also pointed out to students that there has been no global warming for 18 years and 9 months.

No warming 18 years 9 months“As John Adams once observed, ‘Facts are stubborn things,'” Deroy Murdock recalled. “At my recent speech at New York University, I presented one fact after another on the costs and consequences of environmentalism. The students were engaged throughout my speech and PowerPoint and then asked thoughtful and polite questions. Confronting them with hard evidence that they likely have not seen before seemed to get them to stop shouting and start thinking.”

The talk was an initiative of CFACT’s “Keep Calm Climate Changes” campaign, which aims to bring awareness to the facts behind global warming and renewable energy policies.