Dartmouth Fellow pens op-ed criticizing radical green groups

Jonathan “Jack” Nicastro, a CFACT Driessen Fellow from Dartmouth College, published an op-ed on the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) website titled “Progressives Need Democracy, Not Technocracy.”

The piece criticizes environmental groups’ penchant for strong regulatory action to achieve their goals. Since the Left advocates for democracy, why then do they also embrace unaccountable regulatory actions affecting wide swaths of the economy, Nicastro asks.

Here is an excerpt: “Rules issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding climate change, on the other hand, have been schizophrenic and ephemeral. Under the Trump administration, EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler replaced the Clean Power Plan, issued by Administrator Gina McCarthy during the Obama Administration, with the Affordable Clean Energy Rule. The Biden administration has reversed course again, restoring the Clean Power Plan (which was then curtailedby the Supreme Court). These 180-degree policy pivots ought to disabuse progressives of their belief in administration action and reinforce their commitment to legislation.”

You can read the full piece on CEI here.