Crazy Claims, Hype, and Lots of Ice

Despite the recent resurgence of polar ice in the last few years, climate change alarmists are continuing to push forward with the doomed ice cap narrative. According to this story climate change, supposedly caused by man, will lead to the disappearance of the polar ice caps and a rise in global sea levels.

Recently one climate change alarmist, James Hansen, has claimed that this melting of polar ice sheets will result in drastic increases in sea level. Hansen even went so far to claim that sea levels could rise by 10 feet within the next 50 years.

While is claims are eye catching, there are several problem with this “research.” First, it is based on UN climate models, which to date have proven to be very inaccurate at predicting global temperature changes. Hansen’s paper is also not a peer reviewed paper, and has already been decried as being full of “speculation and what if scenarios.”

It is important to be educated about the facts on any issue. This is particularly true when it comes to climate change. If you hear someone talking about how we must stop using fossil fuels in order to keep the sea from rising, Hansen’s paper will most likely be the source they are quoting. Knowing it is based on faulty climate models and lacks peer review will give you the tools you need to fight back against these alarmist claims.