Clemson University Shows Fracknation

the crowd2

A packed house sat and watched Fracknation, learning all about the truths to tracking

Clemson University CFACT worked with the Young Americans for Freedom chapter on campus to show the Fracknation documentary on campus Monday night.

The event was a huge success, with a great turnout coming to learn about the truths of fracking and why it could be so beneficial to the American economy.

Fracking, formally known as hydraulic fracturing, is the process by which natural gas is pulled from deep under the earth’s surface. This safe, efficient practice could lead to a major energy boom for the United States (it already has in several states) that could create thousands of jobs and promote prosperity. The practice faces opposition based on loose reporting and faulty science, such as that featured in the documentary Gasland.

Some of the students in attendance fell into this camp of opposition, as their only familiarity with the practice was in the form of watching Gasland, taking its word as fact.

Sam Wigley, a junior at Clemson, was the winner of the Fracknation giveaway

Sam Wigley, a junior at Clemson, was the winner of the Fracknation giveaway

One student, Alyssa James, noted “Fracknation has changed my opinion. I watched Gasland in high school and now I don’t believe fracking caused methane in water anymore. Josh Fox is a fracking liar.”

Another student said that she liked seeing the clips from Gasland “to contrast with the truth seen in Fracknation.”

After viewing the documentary and discussing it amongst each other, a free copy of Fracknation was given away. The winner, Sam Wigley, was excited to have won and showed his strong support for the practice. He said he “would like to see it used more to see America produce more energy. The movie was really informative and cleared up a lot of things for me.”