CFACT at UC Canvasses Campus For Radical Environmentalism


College campuses throughout the country are known as the centers of progressive, often statist, influence. Thousands of students go to college every year eager to expand their mind and learn, and all too often professors and their radical agenda choose to take this opportunity to spread their false rhetoric. At the University of Cincinnati, CFACT members walked throughout campus seeking examples of radical environmental propaganda.

The evidence was clear, as each academic building appeared to demonstrate another example of misleading facts and misperception. There was an advertisement calling on students to get paid to spread the word (read: lie) about the truths of fracking and how it is harmful to the environment. Another bulletin board laid out the basis behind an actual class focused on discussing the negative effects of current climate change and rising earth temperatures (even though clear data has disproven this notion.) There is even an EPA building across the street from campus that surely has an effect on the general ideas that drive the aforementioned agenda.

CFACT is ready to fight back against the radical environmental agenda and spread the truth about these issues. They will be hosting events throughout the year to educate students on not only the importance of a balanced perspective, but why we need to focus on REAL energy sources to promote economic prosperity.