CFACT’s Hoffman hosted by University of TX San Antonio students

Gabriella Hoffman addresses students mid-speech at UTSA.

CFACT’s Gabriella Hoffman gave an informative talk to students at the University of Texas, San Antonio earlier this semester on the benefits of hunting and fishing to conservation efforts.

The students brought Hoffman to campus to hear an alternative view on environmental issues than what they typically hear from their classes and professors.

Hoffman does an excellent job explaining how without hunting and fishing, there would be much less funding for conservation efforts. If one wants to protect the environment and National Parks, one should be in full favor of well-managed hunting and angling.

“Thank you, University of Texas, San Antonio and the University of Texas, San Antonio YAF chapter for the warm welcome,” Hoffman said. “It’s so nice to resume in-person talks. I enjoyed speaking about conservation, excise taxes collected on guns and ammo, and the Pittman-Robertson Act. Lots of questions. Lindee and her YAF chapter are solid and an impressive bunch. (I, too, began as a YAF activist many moons ago at UC-San Diego in fall 2009.) Go, Roadrunners!” 

CFACT partners with many college student groups on campuses, including CFACT chapters, to bring in speakers and do events. With the threat of leftism ever-growing, its more important now than ever that conservative and libertarian groups work together rather than compete.

In addition to giving talks on hunting, Hoffman also is host of CFACT’s District of Conservation podcast, and Conservation Nation YouTube series. She is bringing a much-needed nuance to an issue dominated by leftist and preservationist thinking. Preservationists are those who think that the environment is best managed with zero human interaction. This is an unscientific view, as many lands, waters, and species fair better with well-managed care by humanity.