CFACT’s deer conservation effort at G.M.U.

Recently, George Mason University collegian Sammy Yang helped spread awareness about deer conservation to students. Since it’s important to care about animal populations, it’s imperative to prevent the overpopulation of wildlife. A problem that needs to be curtailed is the overpopulation of deer which endangers them by increasing much more risky and frequent interaction with humans as well as the spread of disease.

Most people, when initially broaching the issue, tend to think that hunting would endanger the livelihood of deer. Contrary to popular belief, human intervention such as hunting can save deers. Aside from hunting, Yang decided the most simple everyday act would be to hand out deer whistles. The concept of a deer whistle is for it to be attached to a person’s car and as they drive it will make a whistling noise. Theoretically, deer will hear it and keep away from speeding vehicles.

“Deer conservation is important because not only should we give deer time to reproduce but also because they can save our habitats in some ways”, Yang reflected.

One of the reasons deer whistles can potentially and, perhaps eventually not be needed, is due to the fact that when the overpopulation of deer is thwarted they won’t run a risk of causing collisions with cars. Obviously, these accidents can be deadly for humans as well.

Students greeted their encounter with Yang in a gracious manner and were very interested in testing out the whistles. Hopefully, these will make students more conscious of this issue as the Northern Virginia area is frequently inhabited by deer since a lot tend to live among housing developments and other human activity.

Hopefully, the future will hold great success in conserving deer!