CFACT Visits Michigan State

On Wednesday CFACT had the opportunity to visit Michigan State University in East Lansing. It was a beautiful day, and many students were excited to learn about CFACT’s free market solutions to today’s environmental issues. For some students CFACT’s approach was a complete surprise. One student commented, “I didn’t know it was possible to protect the environment without the government, you guys are pretty cool.”

Many students across the country have heard that big government is the only way to protect the environment, but CFACT continues to show that there are other, better ways to help the environment.

Other students were extremely excited to find out there is a group that shares their belief in the free market. “Big government doesn’t know what it is doing when it comes to the environment,” said another student, “their regulations are about politics, not protecting nature.”

CFACT also had the opportunity to meet with the MSU chapter of College Republicans. They were excited to learn supporting big government is not their only choice when it comes to protecting the environment. There are conservative ways to conserve nature.