CFACT tables at Georgetown to discuss conservation and climate change with students

Cover photo credit: CO2 Coalition

A Georgetown students signs up to learn more about CFACT on campus

CFACT partnered with the CO2 Coalition to recruit students at Georgetown University in Washington DC on the issues of climate change and conservation.

“Our goal is to provide an alternative perspective in response to the echo chamber presented by the candidates coming to our school,” said Rowan Saydlowski, a junior and Vice President of the College Republicans on campus.

The candidates Rowan refers to were the Democratic candidates participating in a climate forum hosted by MSNBC earlier this fall semester. In addition to recruiting, the tabling effort was aimed to also increase awareness of the climate rebuttal forum hosted in response to MSNBC’s climate forum.

“CFACT gives a huge thank you to everyone involved in making this possible,” said Adam Houser of CFACT Collegians. “To the Leadership Institute field representatives who helped recruit students, to the College Republicans who hosted the original event, to the CO2 Coalition and Institute for Energy Research for helping make the forum happen and tabling on campus with us as well.”

Another Georgetown student writes his name on the inflatable deer in support of hunting

Recruiters on campus discussed CO2 emissions but also discussed how hunting helps contribute to conservation efforts.

CFACT brought its signature inflatable deer so that students could sign their name in support of hunting. While it may seem strange, this eye-catching inflatable deer helps break the ice with people passing by on conversations of hunting, land management, and property rights.

Volunteers interacted with several students at Georgetown University who were interested in learning more and signed up to become a part of CFACT’s efforts on campus.