CFACT-Syracuse Cleans Up!

This weekend, CFACT-Syracuse organized a campus clean-up along the streets on campus and at a nearby park. Ivory Hecker, the CFACT chapter leader at Syracuse, recruited several other organizations to join in the efforts, including six different sororities from within the Panhellenic council on campus. She said, ‘It was awesome that we were able to collaborate with so many other groups on campus, not only because we were able to pick up that much more litter, but also because we were able to get CFACT’s message out to people who otherwise wouldn’t have known about us!’

Participants who picked up the most trash received a CFACT t-shirt. Lots of trash was collected, as can be seen from all the full trash bags in the pictures! Following the clean-up, everyone gathered for a BBQ and discussed ways they could work together on stewardship projects in the future. Keep up the good work, CFACT Syracuse!!