CFACT students organize hike in Arizona!

Friends, it is official: CFACT is headed out West! One of CFACT’s newest (and currently our westernmost) Driessen Fellow, Farrell Sessler, organized a hike up the renowned Camelback Mountain, near Phoenix, Arizona. Acting using our trademark CFACT initiative, Farrell and her fellow CFACT members decided to get a bit of sunshine, take a break from studying, and go out and enjoy some of the nature! What with Grand Canyon State University (where Farrell and her friends attend)’s location in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the local flora and fauna.

When asked for comment, the local students gushed with compliments. “It was my first hike in a long time and I loved having the opportunity to go out into nature and explore this new area!” stated Lynn, a CFACT member. “Having CFACT on campus is encouraging because it pushes you to explore and enjoy nature in a fun group setting!” added her friend Sam. Finally, Gage, another member and fellow hiker, stated “I love having a community around me that has the same mindset, I feel like I can make a difference but also have a good time while doing so.”

The impact of the hike was felt at the CFACT national office as well. When asked for comment, Bob Knee, CFACT’s National Field Coordinator, said that he was especially enthused by the events in Phoenix. “We are all very proud of Faresell and her team out there,” he stated, adding that “as a proud Desert kid myself, it was especially special to me to see some of our activists A.) gain a foothold in the desert areas and B.) perform actual activism events out there. Seeing those photos reminded me of my home.” He concluded his statement by saying “We are all extremely proud of Farrell and the team out there in Arizona, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future.”