CFACT students distribute fact sheets before Election Day!

Students are faced with a constant barrage of misinformation when it comes to climate change and the Green New Deal today. This comes from celebrities, the media, and of course, their professors and teachers.

CFACT Driessen Fellow intern and George Mason University student, David Bucarey, right, delivers fact sheets to Andi Bayer, Providence District Chair of the Fairfax County Republicans in Virginia.

That’s why this election season, CFACT has distributed fact sheets on climate change and the Green New Deal to over 50 county Republican organizations to educate the public around the nation! CFACT’s student interns eagerly stepped up to take part!

CFACT’s efforts focused on places that could have the most impact, delivering the truth to groups in North Carolina, Florida, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Hampshire, Arizona, Nevada, Virginia, and California.

These educational flyers explain how the Green New Deal would be disastrous for America’s families and environment, how wildfires are due to bad forest management – not climate, how Leftist climate policies would do absolutely nothing to improve our environment, and more.

You can see the flyer for yourself here.

To stay in line with CFACT’s 501(c)3 status, these flyers do not endorse a candidate, party, or specific legislation, but they do line out the hard facts to break through the Leftist propaganda being thrown at voters in these last moments before Election Day.

Kara Howey, a junior at Trenton High School in Michigan and a CFACT Driessen Fellow intern, delivers fact sheets to the Republican office near her home.

“It is crucial that voters understand policy initiatives of both parties before voting so they can make an informed decision when they enter the voting booth,” explained Julia Heath, a freshman at Liberty University who helped assemble materials for the Lynchburg Republicans nearby campus. “Some aspects of certain pieces of legislation might be gray area to most voters, such as the Green New Deal (GND), which voters might agree with if they don’t understand the logistics behind ‘reducing emissions’ and ‘transitioning to clean energy.’ So, if they can read more about it before the election, they will be able to go make a better decision about who to vote for and understand the greater implications of their vote. I was happy to take part in this effort to inform and educate voters about the reality of the GND and climate change for this upcoming election.”

Julia Heath, a freshman at Liberty University and CFACT Driessen Fellow, prepares fact sheets for delivery.

Here’s what Jacob Kramer, a student at Miami University in Ohio, had to say after he delivered fact sheets to the Butler County Republicans near his school: “As we approach Election Day, it is very important the voters understand the sheer impact the Green New Deal will have upon our everyday life. It would be devastating to all the environmental and economic advancements we have made through responsible usage of natural gas and hydraulic fracturing. Even a small glimpse into the reality surrounding climate change would reveal this plan is more about increasing governmental control and letting people ‘feel good’ than actually solving the environmental problems we face today.”

Julia and Jacob get it. It’s not about the environment. It’s about control.

Here’s another point we included in the climate fact sheets: The New York Times reported that Saikat Chakrabarti, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s former Chief of Staff and architect of the GND, said: “The interesting thing about the Green New Deal is it wasn’t originally a climate thing at all.” “Because we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing.”

The Left is no longer shy about what they’ll do with unchecked power. What was once only discussed at backdoor meetings is now openly declared to the national media.

Fracking for natural gas, oil drilling, nuclear, and even gas-powered cars are all in their crosshairs. We can no longer be shy about fighting back.

Arm yourselves with the truth, and share CFACT’s fact sheet with your friends, fellow students, and even Leftist professors today!

CFACT’s National Director of Collegians prepares to mail out 50 packages of fact sheets to organizations across the USA.