CFACT Students Distribute 1,400 Pocket Constitutions Across Southern California

CFACT Collegians Distribute Constitutions at UCLA

CFACT Collegians Distribute Constitutions at UCLA

Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow recently passed out pocket Constitutions on seven college campuses in Southern California, including USC, UCLA, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, Cal State San Bernardino, Claremont College, and the University of Redlands.

CFACT Students on each college campus passed out 200 copies of the U.S. Constitution to their classmates.

According to CFACT leaders most students were very appreciative of the gift and promised to read it. Most noted that it would be their first time actually reading the U.S. Constitution.

CFACT hopes that this project, which resulted in the distribution of 1,400 pocket U.S. Constitutions, will help to educate the rising generation and lead to a more constructive tomorrow.