CFACT Students Attend International Conference on Climate Change

This past month, February 26-29, top scientists, engineers, and public policy experts came together to hear and discuss the latest, accurate research in the field of climatology in Orlando at the Hilton Lake Bueno Vista Hotel and Conference Center. This conference, the 15thInternational Conference on Climate Change (ICCC), was organized by the Heartland Institute and co-sponsored by CFACT. Heartland Institute is a nearly 40-year-old think tank which focuses on free market solutions to a variety of social and economic problems.

Over the course of the three-day event dozens of speakers gave presentations on issues ranging from energy poverty to ethics of fossil fuels. Our very own Marc Morano was a keynote speaker where he presented his findings while doing research for his book, “The Great Reset.” CFACT President, Craig Rucker, additionally was a part of multiple panels over the course of the conference.

In addition to being featured as speakers, CFACT made a constant impact with our table where we handed out books and pamphlets that provided valuable insight into the work we do. Our table was an area where attendees constantly congregated between presentations to talk with us about the work CFACT performs, affording us a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends as well as making an impact on new people.

CFACT President Craig Rucker Presents Jo Nova with the Dauntless Purveyor of Climate Truth Award

One thing that stood out to the many people who attended were the college students we brought over to take part in the conference.

We had students from across the country that were brought in on scholarship so that they could be better exposed to this research.

One of these students, Simon Seidle, said about the opportunity, “the conference itself was truly eye opening, and this is coming from a person who studies the environment at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry. I’ve always been skeptical of climate change, but this conference solidified my skepticism in reality.”

Another scholarship award went to Ashley Tourscher of the University of Central Florida who exclaimed, “I wish the information provided by this conference was more well known by the public. Often its hard to find information on ‘climate change’ because a lot of the information is skewed or hidden. It was refreshing to go to a place where I was provided reliable information.”

The conference, if nothing else, was a major coup for the next generation as these students and the many others who attended are now able to proselytize their friends and classmates.

Overall, the event was a tremendous success. CFACT reinforced many relationships, gained name recognition amongst many other leaders in the industry, and got the opportunity to provide a valuable education to many people who could one day be the ones making public policy decisions in this realm.

We are looking forward to attending the 16th annual conference next year where we can continue to build upon these inroads we have already made.