CFACT Recruits at SCSU Activities Fair

SCSU 1The 2015-2016 school year is here, and CFACT has hit the ground running. Wednesday was the Mainstreet Activities Fair at Saint Cloud State University, and CFACT was there to recruit students who share both CFACT’s concern for the environment and our belief in the free market. Throughout the day CFACT engaged a multitude of students, answering their questions about CFACT’s purpose and mission.

Many students were excited to find a group that cared for the environment, but took a stance against the heavy handed regulations coming from the federal government. SCSU 3One student said “I really care about the environment, but the government just doesn’t know what it is doing. It is really cool to find a group that cares about the environment, but goes about protecting it the right way.” Many other students agreed.

Students were also looking forward to getting personally involved in helping the environment, with many saying they are excited to participate in future CFACT events. At the end of the day CFACT’s recruitment drive was a huge success, with dozens upon dozens signing up.