CFACT Legislative Workshop at University of Minnesota

2015-04-14 18.37.33The legislature can be an intimidating place, especially for college activists who want to bring about change. Knowing where to start, and how to be effective at the capital can be a real challenge. On Tuesday the University of Minnesota CFACT chapter hosted its legislative workshop to help empower college activists with the information and skills they need to effectively bring about change.


2015-04-14 18.37.45The workshop featured Mike Franklin. He showed CFACT students many important tactics to be effective at both advancing good legislation and stopping  bad legislation.  He covered many topics, ranging from building coalitions, the importance of messaging, and the need to tell an effective story. Mike Franklin went on to highlight examples of where these principles were followed, and where they were ignored. It was fascinating to see practical examples of lobbying techniques in action. Mike Franklin’s ideas will be effective, no matter what level of government you are working with.



At the end of the meeting CFACT students left knowing many new lobbying techniques, and they were excited to start putting their new skills to good use.