CFACT In The Swamp

Students from University of Louisiana at Lafayette recently went out on a swamp tour and saw what the swamps in their own back yard had to offer…alligators, alligators and more alligators! Even students that were born and raised in Louisiana were surprised to see how many of these intimidating creatures were living just miles from campus! We got right up close and personal with the alligators – as the pictures demonstrate! We also learned a lot about the swamps – including the fact that if humans weren’t around to spray a certain weed with chemicals, the entire swamp would be over-come with it and basically kill off all the other natural plant and wildlife. It really showed that as much as people can be a detrimental factor to the environment, they can also be a helpful and proactive part too! The students from CFACT @ UL definitely gained a new appreciation for the wildlife that their local swamps and marshlands provided.