CFACT hosts actor Kevin Sorbo for University of Central Florida speech

Above: actor Kevin Sorbo holds the CFACT flag towards the center as students in attendance pose after the conclusion of his talk to UCF.

Kevin Sorbo begins his talk at UCF, sponsored by CFACT

CFACT hosted actor Kevin Sorbo for a speech at the University of Central Florida in Orlando on Wednesday, March 23.

The actor, famous for his role in HerculesGod’s Not Dead, and CFACT’s own Climate Hustle 2, slammed cancel culture and leftist scientific hypocrisy.

Sorbo explained that whether it was on the science of climate change or COVID, the Left doesn’t stick with the facts. He also criticized the bureaucracy for contradicting itself on whether masks and social distancing actually works or not in preventing the transmission of COVID-19.

“If you want COVID to go away in schools replace school desks with restaurant tables because you can’t catch COVID there,” Sorbo said in a sarcastic jab aimed at left-leaning politicians and bureaucrats.

Jesse Wooten, a senior and Driessen Fellow intern with CFACT, organized the event. “It was great having Hercules himself here to address the students and bring a fresh conservative voice to campus,” Jesse said. “He did a great job going over his experience in liberal Hollywood and arguing against the leftist climate change and politically correct narratives we hear on campus from our professors every day.”

Actor Kevin Sorbo, right, poses with CFACT student and event organizer Jesse Wooten, left.

“I’ve been with these guys [CFACT] for a while, and they’re great,” Sorbo had to say of CFACT.

Sorbo concluded his talk by arguing against the pressure campaigns of woke corporations and government agencies, saying your political views shouldn’t dictate how successful you can be in America.

Look for more such events in the months to come as the spring semester heats up!

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