CFACT Fellow attends Leadership Institute training webinar

Earlier this past week, Kara Howley, a Driessen fellow with CFACT, used her newfound at-home time under quarantine to hone her political and organizational skills. While at home, Kara took part in an event hosted by the Leadership Institute. The event, titled “Host a Campus Speaker Within COVID-19 Restrictions”, was designed to train youth activists about how to conduct on-campus events and host speakers in the midst of the Coronvavirus pandemic.

“I really enjoyed listening and taking notes for future speakers to come to my school!” Kara said, when asked about the event.

Driessen Fellow Kara Howley attends a Leadership Institute virtual training program

The Leadership Institute training event was geared towards college students, who face a myriad of red tape from their Universities and governments in light of the Coronavirus restrictions. Kara is, in fact, a High Schooler at Trenton High School in Trenton, Michigan. In addition to serving as a Driessen Fellow, Kara is the president of her local Students for Freedom club at Trenton High. Kara plans to use the information she learned at this webinar to promote her High School clubs. She also plans to use it one day on her future college campus.

Despite her relative youth, Kara embraced the experience with open arms. “Although being in a virtual meeting wasn’t the ideal circumstance, it still provided us the guidance we need to return to campus and continue on with our organizations. During the virtual experience, my peers and I were educated on how to create a safe, clean environment for everyone during our return back to school.” She said afterward. She detailed methods she would be using to ensure that her clubs are clean, and was grateful that the Leadership Institute did the work it did in educating her and fellow youth activists. Finally, Kara and the students were taught to stand up to on-campus bureaucrats, while being cordial and respectful.