CFACT Exposing the Great Reset’s Insect Protein Plans at FAU

CFACT really bugged some students this past week as they confronted the youth at Florida Atlantic University with their Beef or Bugs kit. 

In recent years climate alarmists have made declarations that mankind must make all manner of personal sacrifices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but few of those demands are as disgusting as their proposal to replace meat with insects. 

Students picking between freedom beef and big government bugs

To bring this issue to life for the student body, CFACT provided the local chapter of TPUSA with their exclusive activism kit and challenged the young activists to see how their peers reacted when given the choice between beef jerky and dehydrated crickets. Unsurprisingly, few of the students said they would be willing to give up beef. Even young people who have spent their entire lives worried about the climate are unwilling to kowtow to such radical demands.

TPUSA President Nick Coyte said, “Students were in disbelief about what the great reset was suggesting of them. The radical globalists can be defeated when we present the public with the real plans of them.”