CFACT distributes “Environment & Climate News” at George Mason University

CFACT’s table in the Johnson Center where activists distributed E&C News copies.

To counter the misinformation on college campuses, CFACT distributed copies of the “Environment & Climate News,” which CFACT co-publishes with the Heartland Institute. The publication contained many articles chock full of facts on climate and energy that students aren’t receiving from their classrooms.

Bailey Hutchens, a graduate student at the university and a CFACT Driessen Fellow intern, led the effort within the student center on campus. “As a business major, I think it’s important to learn about the linkage between economic policy and environmental stewardship.”

The edition of E&C News discussed how Biden is attempting to “preserve” nearly 30% of all of America’s land by 2030. This move, while it may sound environmentally wise at first, is nothing more than an egregious abuse of federal power and would actually make it harder to manage America’s lands, not easier. Limiting lands from any type of low-impact energy development or resource development will actually put more pressure on funding for land maintenance and National Parks.

In addition to distributing E&C News, Bailey and other volunteers tried to recruit new students for the CFACT club on campus. They hope to host speakers this Fall to discuss Biden’s moves on the environment, as well as other pertinent energy issues.