CFACT brings facts on fracking and energy to Ohio State

Houser discusses free market solutions to environmental problems before delving into fracking

Conservatives on campus face never ending waves of misinformation when it comes to issues like fracking, climate change, and the environment. CFACT’s National Director of Collegians, Adam Houser, spoke to the College Republicans at the Ohio State University earlier this year on how to arm themselves against these leftist talking points.

“What have you heard about why fracking is going to destroy the planet?” asked Houser to the students.

“That it is causing earthquakes,” voiced one student from the crowd. “That fracking is polluting the water supply!” shouted another.

“Yes, those are some of the more popular ones,” Houser replied. “And they are all wrong! The United States Geological Survey has an entire webpage dedicated to debunking myths on how fracking is causing earthquakes. As for water contamination, in June of 2015, the EPA of the Obama administration proclaimed that after an extensive study fracking was not causing any widespread harm to drinking water.

Graph showing the amounts of water used for various types of energy

“I would even make the argument that fracking is greener than so-called renewable energy! In 2012, as fracking and reliance on natural gas boomed, U.S. carbon emissions decreased by 8% when compared to 2002 levels. Fracking uses 3 gallons of water per million BTUs produced, while ethanol and soy biodiesel use a combined 60,300 gallons per million BTUs produced! Finally, fracking uses 0.4 acre of land to generate a year’s supply of electricity for 1,000 households. Solar and wind use a combined 14.4 acres to supply the same amount of electricity. Fracking is using less land and less water than renewables!”

“It was great learning about how to talk about issues like fracking, climate change, and environmental stewardship from a conservative perspective,” said junior and CR President Nick Frankowski. “This is going to make a huge difference in reaching out to students about free markets and limited government.”

NOAA data showing hurricanes decreasing over the last 100 years

Houser also addressed claims of the left on climate change. He quickly debunked many of the popular myths, such as polar bears are dying and hurricanes are increasing. According to Dr. Susan Crockford of the University of Victoria, polar bears are at their highest levels in 50 years. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), hurricanes have been on a downward trend for the last 100 years.

“I was glad to be able to speak to these students and let them know how to talk about these issues,” Houser said afterwards. “When I was in school I just ignored these issues because I didn’t know how to talk about them. My hope, and the mission of CFACT, is to arm the upcoming generation with facts to argue against the lies on these issues.”