CFACT breaks the ice with facts at University of Michigan!

Above: CFACT’s Associate Director of Collegians, Graham Beduze, hands out a flyer explaining CFACT’s stance on environmental issues to a student at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Will, a student on campus, reads the flyer to learn more about CFACT

The wind chill in Ann Arbor brought temperatures into the 20’s, but that didn’t stop CFACT’s activists from bringing free market facts to students at the University of Michigan!

Recruiters handed out flyers and “bird decals” to students passing by on campus. Bird decals are a type of sticker that helps prevent birds from flying into residential and commercial windows. Hundreds of millions of birds die each year from flying into windows in America, according to studies reported in the Washington Post.

The decal, when placed on a window, reflects a bright light when the sun shines on it that is visible only to birds. This light sends a signal to birds to fly somewhere else.

“The reason we handed these out to students is because it helps them understand that the government does not have to solve all of our environmental problems,” explained Graham Beduze, CFACT’s Associate Director of Collegians who helped lead the outreach effort at Michigan. “This helps them eventually understand that just like with bird deaths, the government shouldn’t get involved in other environmental issues, such as regulating our energy or enacting awful climate policies and carbon taxes.”

“This is a really cool idea, thanks for handing these out!” remarked Will, a Michigan student who might get involved in a future CFACT club at Michigan.

CFACT’s Associate Collegians Director hands out a flyer and decal to another student passing by

This was just a first step in CFACT’s efforts to establish a chapter in the area. CFACT is also working with like-minded organizations to create a presence to fight for free markets, sound energy policy, and real climate science in the region. These organizations include Turning Point USA, Young Americans for Liberty, College Republicans, and the Leadership Institute.

Going forward, CFACT will perform more recruiting efforts on campuses in the region via tabling, surveys on environmental issues, and speaking to like-minded clubs at group meetings.