CFACT attends Freer Future Fest!

Last week, CFACT National Field Coordinator Bob Knee and his trusty pal Rudolph hit the road. In the past, Bob and Rudolph have made trips to countless states and visited several of our nation’s finest campuses. This time, however, they weren’t on campus. They took a trip down to the Music City and, after sampling some delicious Hot Chicken, they stopped at Student’s for Liberty’s Freer Future Fest!

Like many of the conferences CFACT’s Collegians team attends, Freer Future Fest was teeming at the brink with college students who were eager to learn about environmentalism and sustainable capitalism. Often times, college students care about the environment, but they have no way of expressing a capitalist way of doing so, and did not know there were conservative groups that fought for environmental values. As we often find at conferences like this, students were shocked to learn of CFACT’s existence, and we broke a record for first-day sign-ups during the one-day conference!

Even former Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Jo Jorgensen got in on the fun! As a 501c3, CFACT obviously does not endorse Jorgensen or the Libertarian Party, but as Jorgensen remarked, environmentalism is an important issue for conservatives and libertarians to focus on. She was also excited to meet Rudolph, CFACT’s unofficial mascot, who shows up on campuses to help CFACT staff teach students about environmental conservation, and how capitalism helps protect animals!

All-in-all, the conference was a roaring success. CFACT gained dozens of prospective new members, including several potential Driessen fellows. We are looking forward to using these sign ups to make new friends and expand our campus operations in the Spring semester!