CFACT at UPitt Bradford hands out fracking facts!

Front page of the fracking flyers. Page 2 is below.

CFACT at the University of Pittsburgh, Bradford handed out flyers contains facts on hydraulic fracturing, also known as “fracking.” The flyers aimed to cut into the truth about fracking; namely, that it is a beneficial and valuable process that has helped contribute to American energy independence and emissions reductions.

Pennsylvania was the perfect place for this outreach as the Keystone State is home to much of the fracking that takes place in America, and many leftists have attempted to stop fracking in the state.

CFACT Driessen Fellow and senior Shakira Jackson headed up the effort on campus. “t was great to organize this outreach to spread facts on Fracking and dispel misinformation,” Shakira said. “There was a significant percentage of students on my campus that had no idea what Fracking was, let alone actual facts about it. Ergo, I am very appreciative of the opportunity I received to enlighten the University of Pittsburgh about Fracking because these kinds of conversations matter just like any others would. I found students tended to think they should not care about Fracking because they believed “it did not affect them.” With my activism outreach, I was able to change this narrative by demonstrating the causes and effects. Although Fracking has been around for years, unfortunately, it does not make the topic of conversations often, and it shows. With my CFACT scholarship and ambition for an environmental change, I was able to spread awareness and accurate facts about Fracking, as a country is struggling with misinformation now more than ever.”

The flyers explained that fracking poses no threat to ground water, as it was declared safe by even Obama’s EPA. The flyers also explain how fracking impacts habitat far less than even wind, solar and biofuels.

Page 2 of the flyer UPitt Bradford CFACT handed out.