California Drought Myths Debunked at Cal State Fullerton!

While Governor Jerry Brown of California blames the region’s extensive drought primarily on climate change, the data tells a different story. The governor, and leftists across the country and the world, ignore satellite data that shows there has been no increase in global temperatures for almost 19 years. That is exactly what collegians at California State University, Fullerton campus wanted to show their peers in relation to the drought.

climate depot chart global warming“The drought is constantly on everyone’s minds here,” CSUF student Rachel Suarez said. “We need to find solutions that actually address the problem.”

Rachel and other CSUF students asked their peers if they thought the drought was primarily caused by global warming. Every student asked said yes, they did believe it was caused by climate change. CFACT then asked how much the Earth has warmed over their lifetime. Again, every student questioned said they thought temperatures increased.

Then came the reveal. Collegians shared the satellite data showing that there has been no global warming over the past 18 years and 7 months. Even in liberal California, the vast majority of students were convinced! CSUF Chart showing

“Yeah, I can definitely believe that,” one student remarked. Others were slower to change their minds, but ultimately acknowledged the point.

“It was awesome engaging with fellow students on the drought issue and challenging their conceptions,” Rachel Suarez added. “We need to realize that the drought is a serious problem, and one that needs solutions based off science and factual data.”

CSUF Collegians filmed the interviews of their fellow students, and the video is currently in production. The video is part of CFACT’s “Keep Calm Climate Changes Campaign,” which aims to raise student awareness on the facts behind climate change and encourage real environmental stewardship.