Build Back Bankrupt: U of Central Florida & Catholic U of America

Above: Right, Joe Frederick hands out flyers on campus at the Catholic University of America, Left, a student volunteer at the University of Central Florida holds up the fake money and flyers being handed out while tabling.

Students eagerly accept the fake Monopoly money at the University of Central Florida.

As part of CFACT’s ongoing Build Back Bankrupt campaign, Collegians from the University of Central Florida and the Catholic University of America in Washington DC handed out fake “monopoly” money on campus to hammer home what America’s dollar will be actually worth if Biden’s Build Back Better agenda is enacted.

The fake money was attached to flyers that explained the Build Back Bankrupt campaign.

“The Monopoly money is a huge hit…everyone loves it,” said Jesse Wooten, a senior at the University of Central Florida who organized the outreach on campus.

In DC at the Catholic University of America, the outreach made such an impact that Joe Frederick, the event coordinator, collected close to two dozen sign ups of students who were interested in getting more involved simply because they were intrigued by CFACT’s message.

From CFACT’s Build Back Bankrupt Campaign page:

Joe Frederick, right, hands out flyers at the Catholic University of America.

“According to CNBC, inflation has surged to the highest levels in more than 30 years. Consumer prices have jumped 6.2% in October. CNBC also reports that gas prices are at a 7-year high. Supply chain problems are rampant, with shipping vessels carrying vital supplies loitering outside California ports and unable to offload due to worker shortages.

“American consumers and families are beginning to feel the financial pinch from these problems.

“While these developments are concerning enough, the national debt stands at more than $28 trillion. President Biden’s plan is to spend more – a lot more – in order to enact his social, climate, and infrastructure agenda. The so-called ‘Build Back Better’ plan.”

Enacting that plan would further devalue the dollar and hurt all Americans – making our money more and more like Monopoly money.

You can learn more about the campaign here.