Bacigalupi fights “green” indoctrination of Belmont, CA collegians

Several times a year, liberty activist, California cattle rancher, 2012 Congressional candidate, and CFACT supporter, Debbie Bacigalupi, is asked to teach a 50-minute freshman University government class at her alma mater, Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont, CA.  Knowing the students just watched Leonardo DiCaprio’s indocrtimentary (indoctrinating documentary), “Before The Flood,” Debbie invited Climate Depot’s, Marc Morano (who joined the classroom by phone), to help her undo half of a semester of “green” brainwashing.   Per the required reading, the students were just about to jump into “regionalism”, “COGs”, and “smart growth” – three social engineering ideals embracing “climate change” and scientific dictatorship where “the science is settled.”

This material is being presented as socially responsible “fact” in Universities, high school advanced placement courses, and to students all the way down to 5th grade across the US and perhaps the globe.  The few teachers who honor their duty to teach the truth and are open to debating climate change and global governance agendas should be acknowledged. Patti Andrews of NDNU is one of those brave souls.  The shock of students (and parents) discovering that their text books are riddled with United Nations rhetoric and environmental propaganda that is false and designed to manipulate is palpable…information that CFACT has been warning about for decades as a result of having attended UN Conferences since the early 1990s.  We are grossly miss-educating our youth and the tidal wave of misinformed graduates going forth to take action on their education is going to have grave consequences on our freedoms. 

At NDNU, students argued that wolves are necessary to decrease the population of cattle because cattle  “require lots of land and water” (according to the students).  Ms. Bacigalupi replied with the benefits to people and planet from livestock – from fire suppression to dung beetles carrying nutrients way beneath the earth’s surface and the thousands of byproducts used, needed, and enjoyed every day by even the most astringent vegan…insulation, sheetrock, asphalt, smart phones, bicycle tires and transportation lubricants (both livestock and petroleum).

Ms. Bacigalupi urged students to research “smart growth,” the local regional plan called the One Bay Area / Plan 2040 and its ultimate goal of collectivism.  She showed the map to demonstrate this plan is being launched across the US.  Debbie pressed the students to take back control, save their ability to vote, and stop regional governance.   She urged the students to embrace the power of the individual and to not allow self-appointed, unelected bureaucracies to control the important areas of their lives (namely education, healthcare, and private property).  One student commented that most people her age see no way of ever owning a home.  Another commented that only government will take care of the homeless.

Students mentioned our current “climate crisis’ where Marc Morano explained there has been no significant or unnatural change in climate and certainly not enough to cause any alarmism and drastic change in our lifestyles.  Marc also dug into the “97% consensus” debate, commanding it is nothing but a fabricated number to fool the average person.  Marc provided students with video from Climate Hustle (“Stacking the deck”) to prove that very few of the scientists from the UN “consensus” are actually scientists.  He also shared how the scientists of the National Academy of Sciences (often referenced in the “consensus” number) were never even polled.

At the end of the hour, and after most students left to catch their next indoctrination class, two students stayed behind to finally speak and express their concerns.  One described her ranching family in Mexico, stating, “they have more freedom in Mexico to ranch and farm than we do in the US.”  The other described her Native American heritage from San Bernardino, CA and an ancestral story of a small wolf… “they were not big like what we are seeing today.”

CFACT and its web of informers are out to reverse the misguided education by getting young minds to ask questions and seek first-hand information to uncover the truth!  But we can’t stop with the youth; we must get to teachers and parents and ultimately publishers. 

This single page of a Third Grade Common Core reader serves as an example of what students are now being taught at an early age, where;

  • Lipstick is “bad” as it is a livestock and petroleum byproduct
  • Rainforest coffee beans are bad (thus, the dad only drinking half a cup) because trees are cut down to create coffee bean crops
  • The Spotted owl t-shirt is hinting to the Endangered Species Act and the notion that humans are bad for needing to cut down trees
  • “Did not brush her teeth” calls for us to “save water”
  • Paper bags are “no nos” as trees are needed to make paper bags but trees provide shade and shade stops global warming

Imagine… years of this kind of propaganda!  Fast forward to the future of our elections… freedom, liberty, capitalism and the Constitution have not a chance when the rules to protect the environment have been structured to trump everything.  

This is why getting to our students is so important and why CFACT creates and opens opportunities to get in front of young learners.  Not only will these students be voters for decades to come, but leaders and parents as well.