Andersen Window Tour: U of Minnesota learns how capitalism is good for the environment

Andersen employees work in putting together packaged windows for consumer use.

College professors across America would have you believe that capitalism destroys the environment. In reality however, capitalist, wealthy nations are those that do the best job at protecting the environment.

That’s what CFACT at the University of Minnesota wanted to explore by touring a leader in capitalism, the Andersen Window company plant in Bayport, MN. Students got the opportunity to see the assembly of windows as well as what is done with the waste of the products.

“The Anderson Window Factory Tour was a great opportunity to learn about industry and what actions corporations take to protect 

UMN student Nathan Amundson plays “frolf” after touring the Andersen facility.

the environment,” CFACT UMN president Michael Ziebarth. “The tour was going through the whole manufacturing process from cutting wood in to the right shapes for windows to packing into boxes for customers. It was really eye opening to me when I found out that Anderson reuses or recycles almost all waste that is produced in the manufacturing process.”

Ziebarth continued: “They [Andersen] were not required by the government to do so but they did because there is an economic benefit for the company to not waste materials that could be used to produce more windows. This was a really important topic for CFACT to explore since this company shaped their whole manufacturing model in a way that benefited them economically while also helping the environment. All of this thinking goes into a consumer product that greatly improves energy efficiency further improving the environment while saving people money.”

After learning the benefits of capitalism and touring the facility, CFACT club members enjoyed the beautiful day and nature by playing frisbee golf. It was a fantastic combination of learning about the powers of the free market as well as enjoying the environment.