American University to Counter Campus Liberal Agenda

While liberal activists flooded the streets of the Capitol in support of the Pope’s comments on global warming, students at American University met to prepare a plan of action for the semester. They are the conservative underground, battling the liberal agenda on their campus in the heart of Washington D.C.

“It can be rough on campus,” sophomore Stuart Algood said. “I’d say the vast majority of students lean liberal here at American. I’m excited to be teaming up with CFACT to start turning those numbers back the other way.”

American U group photoAmong those initiatives that were discussed were outreach efforts based on environmental stewardship and inviting speakers on campus to start engaging their peers in discourse on the issues.

“We care about the environment,” sophomore Annamarie Rienzi said. “There’s this connotation that students on the right don’t care, but just because we believe in limited government doesn’t mean we think we shouldn’t be environmental stewards. It was great discussing what we can do with CFACT to start reversing that narrative.”

Located in our nation’s Capitol, American University is pivotal to engaging collegians on issues pertaining to energy and the environment. With the help of students like Stuart and Annamarie, CFACT can continue to build that base of freedom loving students where the left is strongly entrenched.