Al Gore ‘Hustles’ DC Climate Conference Attendees: CFACT at Heartland

“Al Gore” tries to cheat some passersby with his “climate hustle”

Hide your money! CFACT was at the Heartland Institute’s 12th Annual International Conference on Climate Change in Washington D.C. this past week, showing attendees the danger of Al Gore’s climate hustle. Our Al Gore actor would welcome unsuspecting onlookers to his booth, then hustle them with a simple shell game. With a little slight of hand, he would slip the ball out from under the cups, so that the participant could never really win.

That’s how Al Gore and other scaremongers of man-made climate change operate. They tell the world that unless they invest billions into expensive regulations, technologies and policies right this very second, we’ll all be doomed. Meanwhile, the public is distracted from how they are manipulating climate data to fit their narrative. Al Gore and his partners get rich off speaking fees, movie gigs, and federal grants, and the taxpayer gets screwed on phony science.

Astronaut Walter Cunningham accepts CFACT’s “Dauntless Purveyor of Climate Truth” Award

“It hit the point home for a lot of folks, even at a place like this where everyone is either a scientist or policy expert,” said CFACT Campus Southern Regional Director of Collegians Graham Beduze, the resident Al Gore of the event. “It attracted a ton of people to the table and our message, seeing someone at a climate skeptic conference wearing a ‘Hello my name is Al Gore’ placard. I was interviewed by several reporters who I was able to explain our message to as well.”

The climate hustle shell game wasn’t the only thing CFACT did at the conference. CFACT also presented astronaut, physicist, climate skeptic and American hero Walter Cunningham with our “Dauntless Purveyor of Climate Truth” award, for all his hard work in advocating for sound science on the subject. Cunningham had participated with CFACT in several events, including para-gliding at the UN meeting in Peru with a giant banner bringing attention to “Climate Gate” as well as leading a climate skeptic debate team earlier this semester at San Jacinto College in Houston, Texas.

Dr. Susan Crockford explains from her research that polar bears are thriving

“It was a great opportunity to honor Walt, as well as hear from many other climate scientists and experts in their respective fields,” said National Director of Collegians Adam Houser. “One of my favorites was Dr. Susan Crockford of the University of Victoria, who plainly spelled out how polar bears are at their highest population levels in 50 years, which clearly destroys the climate alarmist narrative on that issue.”

The annual conference held by Heartland is an excellent opportunity for “iron to sharpen iron,” as the saying goes, as hundreds of experts come together for policy discussions, strategy sessions and speeches. The overall mood of the conference was joyous; with the election of Donald Trump and the policies he has put in place, sane climate science has finally begun to reign at places like the EPA, Department of Energy, and most importantly, the White House itself. These are things that seemed almost impossible several years ago. Conference goers, and CFACT, are optimistic that policies unleashing America’s energy independence and scaling back Obama’s overreaching climate regulations will continue to be advanced by this administration.