Paul Driessen Featured in REAL Energy Speaker Series


Students pose for a picture with Paul Driessen

CFACT, as a part of its’ REAL Energy, Not Green Energy campaign, has travelled across the country over the past several months and featured some of the biggest names in free-market environmentalism on college campuses.

In California, schools had the opportunity to hear Marita Noon, executive director of Energy Makes America Great, Inc.

In New York, the students fought back against intolerant environmentalists in their hosting of Climate Depot’s Marc Morano.

For the 3rd REAL Energy Speaker Series, Georgia Tech and Tulane University hosted CFACT’s senior policy advisor, Paul Driessen.

On Monday April 7th, Driessen spoke at Georgia Tech in a discussion-based format. Students from the Georgia State University CFACT chapter came from the other side of Atlanta to join the event.  Driessen talked about the various ways that environmentalists hijacked this issue and its implications.  Driessen wrote his book “Eco-imperialism, Green Power, Black Death” to outline the fatal results of Environmental hubris.

Driessen argues that for environmentalists, it’s not about saving the environment. Instead, it’s about growing in power. Basing one’s argument on faulty statistics of global warming is one sure way to misunderstand the proper solutions that are needed to create well-being for the most amount of people on this earth. For example, by banning the access to coal-fired power plants or other real forms of energy in many third-world countries, there is not even a remote possibility that they could then create the prosperous lifestyles that are found in the West.

Many of these radical so-called environmentalists would rather place large solar-panels on a hut to solve their energy needs.

Except for the fact that the solar panel can only provide small fraction of the power needed.

The solar panels also cost several years’ income for the impoverished families of third-world states.

The students enjoyed the opportunity to hear Driessen and they stuck around to ask questions, even though they would miss the college basketball national championship game.

The next day of the speaker series trip, CFACT travelled to Birmingham, Alabama for a panel discussion on environmental sustainability. For a full recap of that event, click here.

After a quick plane flight down to New Orleans, the Speaker Series continued with an event Wednesday evening on the scenic and humid Tulane University campus.

Addressing the CFACT chapter at Tulane, Driessen offered an impassioned speech that touched on many of the same issues. He discussed, in detail, the sheer hypocrisy of the radical environmentalists in wanting to promote prosperity and safety, but at the same time withholding the very elements that made their own lifestyles possible.

Driessen addresses the Tulane University students

Driessen addresses the Tulane University students

Driessen discussed DDT, the chemical compound used to kill off mosquitos, that was a product the United States used to protect their crops, homes, and themselves.   Driessen went into the statistics for how many people suffer from malaria as a result of mosquito bites every year. These numbers included deaths among women and children, and the numbers are staggering.

Driessen told of an individual’s story in facing malaria; how it is an absolutely horrible virus that could result in brain damage or even death.

This left the students speechless, as he continued on to say that promoting human health exceeds the high-brow demands for “environmental protection.”

Emily Johnson, Tulane’s CFACT chair, said “Mr. Driessen wowed the Tulane students when he spoke to us last week. His talk about sustainability and eco-imperialism was so relatable and touched many of us.”