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CFACT brings a unique, refreshing take on environmental issues to campuses by presenting the scientific truth without the spin.

  • Fracking in Texas: What do students think?

    University of Texas students were surprised to learn that about half of their classmates had no idea what hydraulic fracturing (fracking) was or whether the economic benefits it is bringing to their home state are a good thing.  Still, nearly…

  • Advancing Climate Realism at Washington University, St. Louis

    CFACT executive director Craig Rucker delivered a dose of "climate realism" to students attending a lecture on the subject of climate change at the University of Washington, St. Louis this week. The timing couldn't have been better as Missouri, like…

  • University of Minnesota CFACT Tour of Black Dog Power Station

    On December 5th, the University of Minnesota CFACT chapter visited the Black Dog Power Plant in Burnsville Minnesota. The Black Dog Power Plant has been serving the southern Twin Cities metro for over 50 years. Originally a coal power plant,…

  • Recruitment Drive at Georgia Institute of Technology

    November began with a recruitment drive at Georgia Tech, and it was hard to miss us on campus! Set up right in the middle of the commons, students couldn’t help but notice the commotion we generated. We engaged with many…

Recent Events

Our Collegians chapters are active all across the nation.  Check out some of our most recent events!

SUNY Albany on Fracking

SUNY Albany on Fracking

CFACT visited a liberal and green campus in upstate New York to see what students and faculty there thought about hydraulic fracturing (fracking). We asked SUNY Albany, “Do you support…

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Keep up on the latest issues with our blog.  We bring the news to you in a way that is digestible for college students.

Too Much, Too Fast

Last week I had the opportunity to visit the Black Dog Power Plant along with students from the University of Minnesota Chapter of CFACT. While we were taking the tour,…

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The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels

For decades, environmentalists have told us that using fossil fuels is a self-destructive addiction that will destroy our planet. Yet at the same time, by every measure of human well-being,…

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Problems With Green Energy

In theory, Green Energy sounds like a fantastic idea. Harnessing the power of nature to power our society is a very attractive concept. Wind and solar energy seem to provide…

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