CFACT Recruits At SCSU Activities Fair
CFACT Recruits at SCSU Activities Fair

The 2015-2016 school year is here, and CFACT has hit the ground running. Wednesday was the Mainstreet Activities Fair at Saint Cloud State University, and CFACT was there to recruit students who share both CFACT's concern for the environment and…

Vanderbilt University To Raise Hunger Awareness
Vanderbilt University to Raise Hunger Awareness

Students at Vanderbilt University were fired up. "It's a matter of fairness and equality," Julia Anderson said. "Why shouldn't starving people be given the choice to eat GMO foods or not?" Just days after fellow Collegians at the University of…

Auburn Showcases Free Market Solution To Deer Collisions
Auburn Showcases Free Market Solution to Deer Collisions

200 deaths annually, 10,000 personal injuries, 1 million car accidents. These are not the statistics of texting or drunk driving, but rather of deer to automobile collisions in the United States each year. Collegians at Auburn University knew there had to…

Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad GMO? Not The University Of Georgia!
Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad GMO? Not the University of Georgia!

Look out! You better be careful, or you could accidentally eat something containing the evil GMO, or genetically modified organism. Yet despite all the hype from radical environmentalists, students really don't care. At the University of Georgia, CFACT performed an…

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GMO’s Are Burning in Hungary

Over 1000 acres of crops are have been burned in Hungary. The reason for this destruction? The corn in these fields used genetically modified seeds. Hungary has taken a harsh stance against…

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Whale of a Tale in Alaska

Currently President Obama is visiting Alaska, and he is using his trip as a pretense to push for more regulation to prevent “climate change.” According to Obama's whale of a…

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Judge Stops EPA Water Grab

On Thursday, August 27, a federal judge placed a temporary injunction against the EPA's Clean Water Rule. The Rule was set to go into effect the next day. Also known…

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The Alaskan Climate Frontier

It is rumored that President Obama will reveal a new initiative on climate change during his 3 day trip to Alaska in the upcoming days. The White House released a…

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How Not To Make Jobs

In 2012 California voted to approve the Clean Energy and Jobs Act. This act increased taxes across the state with the goal of using this additional money to create green…

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Let Africa Grow

When you think 'sustainable energy' or 'carbon emissions', what do you think of? I bet you are not thinking about Africa. Was I right? Some of the things that might…

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Where is the Outrage?

On August 5, 2015, a crew being monitored by Environmental Protection Agency officials caused several million gallons of toxic chemicals to flood into the Animas River in Colorado. The chemicals…

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