A.K. From The Trenches: Day 4, ICLEI World Congress Conference

Posted on June 16, 2012 in featured, News

Out of the frying pan and into the fryer.  ICLEI, the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives.  Imagine a large international organization that influences and implements environmental policies locally in over 1,200 cities worldwide.  Well, say hello to ICLEI.  Today, I took a flight from Rio to the city of Belo Horizonte to attend the […]

CFACT Video Contest Entry: Global Warming Policies: All Pain, No Gain

Posted on March 21, 2011 in News

CFACT’s All Pain, No Gain video contest submissions are starting to roll in. This video, produced and directed by Morgan Brooke Hancock, illustrates starkly how “going green” really means getting lean. Through sarcasm and wit Morgan forces us to look at the unintended consequences of global warming policies, which advocate for extremely expensive alternative forms of energy that […]