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University Of New Mexico On Global Warming: Why So Serious?
University of New Mexico on Global Warming: Why So Serious?

As the 2016 presidential election draws closer, students at the University of New Mexico are encountering an onslaught of liberal claims and initiatives. Collegians at UNM knew it was time to bolster their arsenal with more facts on the left's misguided…

Collegians’ Op-Eds Publish Facts Around The Country
Collegians’ Op-Eds Publish Facts Around the Country

One of the most effective ways to reach and convince the public is by writing a letter to the editor (LTE) of a newspaper or publication. So, CFACT held a nation-wide contest called "Give Freedom a Chance" encouraging college and university students to write…

WATCH: CFACT Tricks UGA Students Into Eating GMO Chips, But Students Don’t Care!
WATCH: CFACT tricks UGA students into eating GMO chips, but students don’t care!

Panic! GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are everywhere. In your cereal, your snacks, maybe even under your bed! Radical environmentalists would have you believe that the public is up in arms over GMOs, especially America's youth. But is it true?…

Seton Hall University Shows Fracknation In New Jersey
Seton Hall University shows Fracknation in New Jersey

Flaming faucets, earthquakes, contaminated drinking water. These are the scare tactics those on the left use to advance their anti-energy and anti-fracking agenda around the country. Collegians at Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey thought it was time to…

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Hottest Year on Record?

The media has been spouting off on how 2015 was the warmest year on record, thus proving that global warming alarmists' claims are true. But this seemingly simple claim ignores…

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Don’t think, just learn

As the National Field Coordinator for CFACT, I have traveled all over the country to work with students in challenging liberal bias and radical environmentalism on campuses. When I visited…

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Greed Unhinged

Many of you have heard about the plight of Virginia farmer Martha Boneta, and her fight for property rights. But in three sentences, for those who haven't heard, Martha Boneta is the…

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