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  • Mississippi State Kicks Off “Clean Coal” Education Campaign

    Few issues have grabbed more headlines in Mississippi than the proposed clean coal energy facility in Kemper County.   The issue has sparked a lot of debate among Mississippians, and  while much discussion has focused on the costs associated with the…

  • Collegians Conduct Campus Cleanup in Birmingham

    Students rolled up their sleeves and got to work picking up litter at the University of Alabama, Birmingham over the weekend.  The cleanup project was the first of the semester for the CFACT group on campus, which included about a…

  • Poll Reveals Overwhelming Support for Nuclear at UGA

    Georgia is poised to become the first state to construct new nuclear plants since the 1970’s.  Plans for the construction of two 1250 megawatt nuclear plants to be located near Waynesboro have already received the green light by regulators and,…

  • University of Georgia students host CFACT’s Craig Rucker

    CFACT’s executive director Craig Rucker presented the CFACT message to an energized crowd of students at the University of Georgia, Athens on Weds night.  Delivering a stinging indictment of the modern green movement, Rucker explained how today’s environmentalism seems to…

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Too Much, Too Fast

Last week I had the opportunity to visit the Black Dog Power Plant along with students from the University of Minnesota Chapter of CFACT. While we were taking the tour,…

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